While you focus on the purchase,

we’ll focus on the aged claims.

Purchasing a health care facility creates a lot of new responsibilities. Sometimes it comes along with a daunting pile of aging receivables and complicated claims. When you delegate the stack to Monitcare, we will treat it as our top priority. This leaves you free to focus on other priorities.



In Order Without the Headache

Dump the entire sorry mess on us, and turn your attention back to your other important roles. You can forget about every claim the old management left you and leave it all to us. Monitcare will review all outstanding claims and organize them, free of charge. We will verify and repost the claims as outstanding, misposted, or previously paid.


Collecting on the Claims

Once we’ve thoroughly sifted through the whole pile of claims, we will work, and work some more, to collect on every outstanding claim for you. We have collected millions of dollars for health care facility owners like you. And because we’re in the business of making money for you, we do not accept commission for anything but the claims you collect money on. Basically, it’s a win-win situation for you, with zero risk involved.

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Monitcare was created with exactly one goal and mission statement: To collect the money that rightfully belongs to you. With that goal in mind, we formed and trained a group of highly trained agents who will turn over the very last stones to win your claim for you.

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