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Are Claims Being Denied?

Denied claims mean a long battle for the billing department, when they could be productively taking care of other priorities . It means more resources being used, for claims that may end up back in the denied file despite all efforts. Many claims appear to have met every dead end and seem impossible to collect. However, Monitcare has the solution.




Collect on Denied Claims

You deserve to collect on every one of your claims, no matter how complicated. If the billing department has given up on a claim, or if there are too many claim denials piled up, here’s where Monitcare steps in. We have years of experience and know-how, all to help revive your receivables. We’re in the business of making claim miracles happen.



Get the Money that

Belongs to You

Our highly trained team of agents, who update their enormous scope of coverage knowledge every day, skillfully negotiate with the insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare for you. We will only be compensated when you get compensation. Collecting your claims is all we do, which means that all our talent, skills and experience are dedicated towards getting your money for you.


 When a facility turns over staff, an unfortunate consequence can be some claims falling through the cracks. Utilize Monitcare to ensure that every claim is completed even during staff turnovers or other hectic periods.


We’re proud that we got the opportunity to win millions of dollars for successful people just like you, who had almost written off valid debt owed to them. We look forward to reviving your claims, too.


Monitcare was created with exactly one goal and mission statement: To collect the money that rightfully belongs to you. With that goal in mind, we formed and trained a group of highly trained agents who will turn over the very last stones to win your claim for you.

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