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Monitcare collects on

and reduces denied

Healthcare receivables.

Monitcare works directly with all managed and commercial health insurance carriers, including Medicaid and Medicare, to achieve payment for the facility in a timely and reasonable manner. Monitcare will persevere until the claim is completed. We work on every claim for as long as it takes for you to successfully collect on your claim.

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Use Monitcare as a last resort for all your aged receivables and outstanding claims: Send us all your denied claims, and we will work on your behalf to collect.

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Aging Receivables in Purchased Facility

Monitcare reviews and creates order among the cluttered pile of aged receivables the old managment left behind. We review all claims posted as outstanding, and verify and repost them correctly as indeed outstanding, simply misposted, or prior paid.

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Billing Guidance

Contract Monitcare as your official billing department for denied claims. We will share issue-correction techniques to help you avoid repeat denials and collect money quicker.

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We stay informed.

So you stay imbursed.

Monitcare staffs an extensively trained team of medical billing and general account receivable professionals. We keep pace with changes and updates that are put into effect by the health insurance carriers and government Healthcare coverage, staying in the know of all billing practices and code particulars. We use all that knowledge to fight for you.

No upfront

cost to you.

At Monitcare, we are in the business of making you money. That’s why we don’t get paid unless you do. Only after we motivate the insurance carriers to pay your claims do we  accept our commission. That means no upfront costs to you, even on such outstanding claims that you have long written off.



We free up your team’s time and focus.

In addition to making sound financial sense, partnering with Monitcare adds valuable man-hours back into your team’s workweek. Our team skillfully and proficiently handles denied claims. By removing this unnecessary burden, we leave your people with the clarity of mind to do what truly matters.

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Monitcare was created with exactly one goal and mission statement: To collect the money that rightfully belongs to you. With that goal in mind, we formed and trained a group of highly trained agents who will turn over the very last stones to win your claim for you.

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